UCI Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct

OAISC is physically closed but remains open remotely. Additional information at: pfbdr.chispacloud.com/status


OAISC Location

The Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct will be closed Monday, July 20 through Friday, July 24 for training. Emails and voicemails will still be monitored but response times may be delayed.

As members of the UC Irvine Community, students are expected to be aware of their rights, as well as their responsibilities. Each member of the University shares the responsibility of maintaining conditions conducive to the achievement of the University's mission. UC Irvine is committed to the Principles of Community which provides for an environment that is purposeful, open, disciplined, just, caring, diverse, and celebrative.


The Office of Academic Integrity & Student Conduct is responsible for ensuring that students comply with and understand university policies related to academic integrity and student conduct by promoting student learning and development.


Report an Incident | Academic Integrity Policy | Academic Integrity Procedures | Code of Student Conduct | Student Conduct Procedures | Dean's Certification

PDF Student Conduct Flowchart 

w加速器 Academic Integrity Flowchart


Information for Students | Information for Faculty/Staff | 78加速器官网 | Academic Integrity Procedures


Illegal File Sharing (DMCA) | Information for Faculty/Staff | Registered Campus Organizations | Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment | Respondent Services | Code of Student Conduct | Student Conduct Procedures


Peer Advisor Program | Student Conduct Review Board


Frequently Asked Questions | Information for Parents | Information for Advisors | Contact Us

Report an Incident



University of California Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy (revised)

UCI Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Student Investigation and Adjudication Framework



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Sec. 900-15: UCI Major Events Interim Policy


Prop. 64: Marijuana use on UC property:

Marijuana is not permitted on UC property.


UCI Academic Senate Policy on Academic Integrity 

Procedures for Resolution of Cases of Academic Integrity Policy Violations

UC Hoverboard Policy:

The UC Hoverboard policy is referenced in Sec. 904-13: Guidelines for Vehicles Other Than Automobiles

UCI Guidelines

UCI Guidelines for Reporting and Responding to Reports of Sex Offenses

UCI Guidelines for Reporting and Responding to Reports of Discrimination and Harassment

Campus Climate

Report a Campus Climate (or Hate/Bias) Issue


Free Speech and Academic Freedom


UCI Sexual Violence Prevention & Response


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